Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure


Trading on leveraged products and contracts for difference carries certain levels of risk. Before engaging with any broker, EU Trading Group encourages all clients to read carefully and fully understand all possible risks of leveraged trading.

EU Trading Group provides a list of possible risks for reading and learning; however this list is only partial due to the dynamics of the Forex and CFD market and constantly changing trading conditions. Therefore, EU Trading Group recommends additional reading and research for the various risks involved with online trading.


Leverage allows traders to increase the impact of minor changes occurring constantly in the online trading world. By trading with high leverage, the possible profit raises together with the possible loss, therefore a trader should use leverage carefully, taking into consideration and understanding the growing risk which accompanies a growing leverage. EU Trading Group allows up to 1:500 leverage, which means that the client may choose his/her preferable leverage up to 500 times more than their initial deposit. It is the client's exclusive responsibility to understand the risk of leverage, and inquire fully if not understood.


Due to network, software or hardware malfunctions, there is a chance of delay in execution, position closing and login issues. The client should be aware of the possible loss he/she may suffer due to technical malfunctions both from the company's and the client's sides. EU Trading Group is putting efforts in providing fluent connection at all times, however malfunctions are inevitable, even if rare. EU Trading Group will not take responsibility for technical issues such as: poor internet connection, hardware and software issues, server issues on both sides, and other factors which are out of EU Trading Group's full control.

Online Funding

Online transactions at EU Trading Group are safe and protected by the highest standards. However, EU Trading Group cannot and will not guarantee 100% protection from malicious damage from any kind which may occur while transferring money online, due to external factors which can have an impact in our dynamic world of today. 

Spread Widening

Spread widening may occur during important economic events, market opening, etc., then spreads may rise dramatically and affect any open positions. While trading, clients must be aware of such possibility and prepare accordingly in order to minimize risk. 

Execution issues

Certain market conditions or server issues may cause the delay of execution. This delay may create a gap in the initial requested price, and therefore lead to a possible loss of the trade. Moreover, in some cases it is impossible to execute orders due to extreme market conditions or low liquidity. EU Trading Group is responsible for providing the best available price at the moment of possible execution in order to minimize damage to its clients.

Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure the client may be put under the risk of losing some or all his investment. Those cases are highly uncommon; however the client must know about their existence prior to trading.