Have a Glimpse at the Exciting World of Financial Products being Offered at EU Trading Group


At EU Trading Group we offer a wide range of financial products which can be traded on the markets. We take pride in always being up-to-date on the best products to trade, and are fully equiped to assist with all trading endeavors and aspirations - whether technically or srategically. The dynamic world of financial products is always at the tips of your fingers with our dynamic and ever-changing list of products on offer. Feel feel to enquire about any new stock or commodity you may be interested in; we are constantly in touch with our clients to adapt and add products where there is demand.


When it comes to online trading, the most popular and accessible trading instrument is undoubtedly currency pairs. Traders who work with currency pairs, simultaneously buy and sell different currencies with the purpose of gaining from their constantly changing value.

Foreign Exchange is very dynamic; therefore leveraged trading is a fast and accessible way to gain from the constant changes in this market. However, it is not an easy market and successful traders are those who study different market conditions, use various trading indicators and analysis and manage their risks.

At EU Trading Group traders enjoy a wide range of more than 60 currency pairs, including the major pair like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, etc., as well as exotic trading pairs.

Using the popular MT4 trading platform allows traders to receive the most accurate real-time prices and adjust their trading to Live events and news, which significantly affect currencies' behavior.


EU Trading Group offers much more than just currency trading. Our contracts for differences allow traders to trade on future contracts for various financial instruments, including a wide range of worldwide shares.

We at EU Trading Group work in accordance with the highest technologies in order to supply you with the most accurate prices on all shares available at our company, and offer you real-times charting compatible with all actual shares.

Now you can trade the most desired shares without the cumbersome procedures involved in actual owning, and close positions fast and easily, without being attached to actual shares. 


Trade the major stock portfolios worldwide without leaving your chair at EuTradingGroup! Enjoy the fascinating trading of NIKKEI, Dow Jones, Hang Seng and much more as easily as trading currencies.

EU Trading Group provides you with CFDs for the most popular indices all at one place- your MT4 trading platform!


Natural Gas and Crude Oil are at the center of international attention for years. Their value falls and rises dramatically in accordance with international events, turning energy to an exciting trading instrument, for traders who seek the thrill.

EU Trading Group is a great opportunity for online traders who wish to experience the stirring energy trading, but cannot afford actual owning and long-term commitments.


Always felt intrigued by precious metals? Looking for interesting trading opportunities without great spending and tiresome paperwork and handling? EU Trading Group is the perfect place for you!

Trade Gold, Silver and Platinum with the same speed you trade any other instruments and without the concerns of storing ounces of precious metals.


Trading rice and corn have never been easier. With EuTradingGroup you can trade a wide variety of agriculture products very easily and fast.

Enjoy real-time pricing, comfortable spreads, easy access and great conditions on CFD trading for the most popular agriculture as well as exotic products like soy beans and much more.