There are Various Platforms to Trade on at EU Trading Group


At EU Trading Group we offer the latest cutting edge tehnology in order to bring all trading options to our clients for their convenience and success. Platforms are extremely important as far as quality is concernd; with an emphasis on fast execution, quality tools and mechanisms, reliability and stability. No less important is ease and convenience. The most ideal platform is one which is easy enough to use (for beginners and advanced traders alike), but also sophisticated enough to suppy the trader with relevant tools and options in order to bring the level of trading to the highest level possible. We always do everything in our power to bring to you the trading technology and mechanisms from the most advanced options available, and pay vast attention to constant adaptation, update and maintenance; catering for both needs: trading quality and success, as well as convenience and providing an intuitive and user-friendly way to trade which will also fit in with anyone's lifestyle.


Here at EU Trading Group we believe in providing our clients with the best of all aspects of trading and investing. This is why we offer traders the best trading platform available - the MetaTrader4. This sophisticated yet highly convenient-to-use trading platform has proven over and over that real professional trading is now available for everybody. With a user-friendly infrastructure, highly convenient design and superior features, MT4 allows you to trade easily and clearly, providing real-time charting and pricing at all times.

Your MetaTrader4 will provide you with a wide variety of free indicators and several appearances, allowing you to choose the style and technology suitable for your trading interests and preferences. Moreover, EU Trading Group MT4 allows 24/5 hours one-click trading, in order to make your trading instant and convenient.

If English is not your mother tongue, MT4 offers its service at 23 languages for your convenience.

In order to trade wisely, the MetaTrader4 has developed analytical charting, reports and statistics, allowing you to observe your trading achievements and progress at any point you wish.

Safety is another one of the reasons EU Trading Group has choses the leading MetaTrader4, known for its superior security parameters, promising our traders safety and confidentiality of trades and funds at all times.

MT4's popularity grants it with access to major liquidity providers, therefore promising the best execution performance among all other platforms.


MT4 for iOS            

At EU Trading Group you can trade anywhere, anytime. EuTradingGroup's MetaTrader4 for iOS allows clients who use Apple devices to enjoy the popular MetaTrader4 on their iPhone or iPad. The MT4 App for iOS includes all main features of your classic MetaTrader4, among alia 24-hour one-click trading, real-time charting, review and history of all trades, pending orders and open positions. With MT4 for iOS, Apple users can trade wiser, faster and at the highest convenience in order to maximize control over trades. 

MT4 for Android

If you are an Android user, trading at EU Trading Group allows you to manage your trading from the smartphone, bringing online trading to a whole new level. MT4 for Android allows traders to overview all trades and open positions from their smartphone, use all popular features of the original MetaTrader4 and open positions with a swipe of a finger, even if you're out of reach from your computer. 24/5 hours trading, analytics, real-time charting and even diverse performance, are only a few of the many benefits you can get by using EuTradingGroup's MT4 App for Android, and the downloading is completely free.

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