Discover how to Become a Partner and Open an Attractive Channel of Income


At EU Trading Group we offer a wide range of routes to establish cooperation with us and open up an additional lucrative channel of income. Whether the cooperation is based on our Affiliate Program or Referral Program we offer attractive and flexible methods to introduce clients to our services and facilities.

At EU Trading Group we have a clear understanding and vision that a successful partnership can only be designed and maintained with the long-term in mind. In other words; this all begins at the level of the client. The basis of any referral program must consist of and stem from quality tools, world-class service, professional trading, and all in all an outstanding investment experience. There is no way to refer clients to a broker which does not respect this model and does not have this understanding at the basis of their operation. Of course, word-of-mouth is the strongest option possible when it comes to expanding any endeavor, and this can only occur when the recommendation is real, true and tested. For this reason, we offer our potential affiliates hassle-free trial accounts to sample our services; for as long as they wish; and give them every reason in the world to truly refer us to their clients. Our goal is not only to offer highly beneficial referral fee structures, but also make sure that all activity stems from a true recommendation based on an honest opinion. In our view, there is no other way and are therefore glad to invite anyone to try out our services with no commitment and with no time limit. In addition to this unique view, we offer tailor-made accounts for our potential affiliates and referrers, and grant vast levels of flexibility based on the style of referring cliets which they might employ (for example; if one refers a large number of smaller accounts, the fee structure should differ from one who refers a small number of large accounts). In addition to the long-term view, the trial option and the highly-competative fees offered, we also grant excusive budgets for the purposes of entertainment, transport, professional materials, local and regional conferences and more.

Affiliates - How does it work?

Affiliates are people who manage wide websites, blogs or other media with an access to large audiences who may be interested in the field of investment. As part of their partnership with EuTradingGroup, affiliates place advertisement on their websites in order to recruit traders to trade with us. When a trader who was recruited by the affiliate has started trading, the affiliate gets paid according to the established payment program, and is managed by sophisticated mechanisms.

Who can Become an Affiliate?

Anyone with an access to wide audiences. You don't have to have marketing experience in order to become an affiliate, as you receive all marketing tools, banners and guidance from your personal affiliate manager at EU Trading Group.

Affiliates at EU Trading Group are getting paid according to a tailor made program, suitable for their needs and requirements, and can choose from CPA, Revenue Share or Costumized affiliation programs. All you have to do is contact our Affiliation department and follow the instructions.

Referrers & Money Managers

Referrers (Introducing Brokers)

As a referrer at EU Trading Group, you can enjoy great profit, a loyal team to assist you, and customized conditions suited exactly for your needs. A referrer at EU Trading Group receives personal guidance and is being assisted and equipped with all necessary instruments for advertising and marketing.

Money Managers

A money manager is a professional and skilled trader who trades on behalf of his clients and manages their money for them. At EU Trading Group money managers don't need to worry about anything besides their trading. All paperwork, bureaucratic procedures and back office issues will be taken care of by your affiliate manager, so all you need to do is trade.

Moreover, we offer money managers detailed reports and statistics, performance listings and tailored campaigns suitable for the needs of their clients.

Refer a Friend

If you are already a trader at EU Trading Group, you can earn money by referring traders to us! This way, you can add real money either to your trading account at EU Trading Group, or directly to your bank account. Just share your trading adventure at EU Trading Group with as many friends as you wish, and get rewarded for each trader who starts trading at EU Trading Group thanks to you. The "refer a friend" campaign gives you an alternative way to gain money in addition to your profits from trading with us.