Frequently Asked Questions about EU Trading Group


What is the Mission of EU Trading Group?

To provide a solid, consistent and reliable environment to trade and invest, while keeping the clients’ best interests at heart in all aspects of activity. We believe that by placing the investor in the centre, the ultimate formula for success can be reached. Investing is a personal matter, with no overall fixed solution for everyone. Each investor is different, and the accounts need to be adapted and matched to the various goals and habits of each investor. For these reasons, we take great care in getting to know each and every investor who joins our circles. In addition to the flexibility and warm service while assisting our investors to reach their financial goals, we place a great emphasis on reliability, integrity and the highest level of professionalism which can be offered in this industry. We take great care to keep up with all the latest developments, and invest vast resources to be at the frontline about everything to do with safety and security measures. We believe that a reliable, solid and advanced environment alongside quality service is the only way to truly create a substantial and long-term solution for serious investors.

How Can I Get Started with EU Trading Group?

Getting started is very easy. All you need to do is register with your basic details and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Upon your first conversation, the ETG representative will assist you to understand the various options which can be provided in order to achieve your goals. We take great care in getting to know each and every client and directing them to the route that will give them the highest level of success. Each investor is different so this acquaintance stage is highly important. Once the account type has been chosen, all you need to do is select the funding method of your choice, and in parallel send a few basic documents which are required to open an account.

What Account Types are there at EU Trading Group?

At EU Trading Group there are two basic directions one can choose in the journey of investment:

1. Managed Account Portfolio

2. Semi-Managed Coaching Account Portfolio

The first account type is designed for those who do not have time to trade themselves, or wish to learn and watch professional trading in action. It is a 100% automated system which enables the trader to sit back and watch the account daily/weekly/monthly or as frequently as they wish, and can be followed from any PC or our special App. The second account type is designed for those who cannot or do not wish to trade full time, but also wish to learn. This unique account type combines two traits which traders often seek: automation and education. The extent of education can be adjusted for each client and account; planning coaching sessions when convenient (ranging anywhere from a few times a week and to monthly sessions). This account type is highly popular and has proven itself to be extremely effective in helping people learn how to trade, while minimizing the risk associated with the early stages and making attractive profits.

Detailed descriptions of the various options within the two categories can be found in our brochures, which one of our representatives will be glad to send you upon request. We are also available for consultation should you wish to go over the options based on your financial goals and lifestyle.

How Can I See your Trading Records and Statistics?

We have solid trading records going back many years, and are glad to share these with our potential/new investors. Please turn to one of our representatives to learn more. Our trading is based on algorithmic trading combined with manual trading in order to “gain the best of both worlds” and benefit from sophisticated software but also a human touch. We believe that either of these cannot be fully replaced by the other, and therefore combine the two for maximal efficiency. We have been doing so for many years, and have solid records and statistics to reflect back on the history.

What Funding Methods are there at EU Trading Group?

The accounts at EU Trading Group can be funded by credit card or bank wire transfer. Likewise, both methods can be used for withdrawal of funds or profits. The transactions at EU Trading Group are fast and efficient.

What are the Benefits I can get while Trading and Investing with EU Trading Group?

1. Flexibility. In all aspects of investing with EU Trading Group, you will find a high level of flexibility based on the will and the ability of our team to tailor-make solutions for each and every investor who we come into contact with.

2. Warm and Professional Service. We place a very large emphasis on the level of service given at EU Trading Group, and are dedicated to offering cordial, timely and professional service to all our investors at all times. There is always someone to turn to, and we make sure each investor has a dedicated representative who knows them and is there to assist with all issues.

3. Reliability. Reliability is perhaps the most important aspect of any financial company. People want to know that their funds are safe and sound, and are being handled with integrity. For this reason, we give the highest level of coverage and protection here at EU Trading Group. Both regulatory and technical measures ensure the highest level of reliability that can be found in this industry.

4. Excellent Results. Trading results speak for themselves. Serious investors should be interested not only in high returns, but also in consistency over time. We have detailed records and statistics of our returns going back many years, and are glad to share these with all our new or potential investors.

5. Creative Trading Solutions. We have the ability to adapt and change aspects of trading and investment needed in order to give the best options to our investors. At any given time, you can feel free to discuss any adaptations needed with our professional team, and we will do our best to adapt anything needed.

6. Cutting-edge technology. We use only the highest level of technology in all our systems; trading, execution, banking, and back office in order to provide the very best experience for our investors.

7. New and Exciting Promotions Offered Periodically. We offer exciting and effective promotions to give our clients a boost to their accounts, and give added value to the trading experience. Check in with us about our exciting quarterly promotions on offer.