Company Profile


EuTradingGroup is all about high quality online trading, outstanding service and professional support. EuTradingGroup was founded on the pillars of safety, professionalism, uncompromising quality and passion for trading. This combination has created our skillful personnel, who is constantly trained to match the renovations and newest updates at the dynamic Forex market.

Our love for Forex trading serves as a motivation for each one of our professionals, who are eager to share their passion for trading with all of our clients.

In order to stand out among the wide range of Forex brokers, EuTradingGroup is constantly seeking uniqueness and innovation, technologic supremacy, attractive and flexible conditions and a growing team of market analysts.

We welcome all kind of traders, offering the necessary guidance suitable for beginners as well as professional traders, and developing customized conditions suitable for different trading personalities, so that every trader can find his perfectly unique trading environment at EuTradingGroup.