Discover the Unique Advantages of Trading with EU Trading Group


In order to promise our traders the best quality of services and utilities, we at EU Trading Group are committed to the highest level of conduct in every aspect. Here are some of the advantages you can expect while investing within the framework of EU Trading Group. These advantages are no coincidence; they are based on decades of experience about what traders really need in order to succeed in trading. For this precise reason, client satisfaction is our absolute number 1 priority and everything we do is aimed towards this goal.

Attractive Rates

EU Trading Group offers traders a wide liquidity pool, which consists of more than 15 major liquidity providers, in order to promise attractive and competitive spreads for all trading instruments. We know that making profit is not the only goal, but also doing so efficiently and making sure the lowest rates are offered while any trader or investor is in pursuit of meeting their financial goals. A penny saved is indeed a penny earned.

In addition to low and attractive rates, we are constantly improving our conditions and offering special campaigns - allowing traders to enjoy profitable conditions, especially low commissions and flexible bonuses with fair and worthwhile conditions.

Best Technology

EU Trading Group is proud to offer its traders the Number 1 trading platform Worldwide - the MetaTrader4. We believe that in order to increase profits, a trader should be able to easily access each section of his/her trading platform, receive the most accurate quotes at all times and be sure about the security of the trading platform. MT4 allows all the necessary benefits mentioned above  and offers the best trading environment available for trading and investing.

Our representatives are experts when it comes to the unique tools the MetaTrader4 provides, and will be glad to assist you to understand how to best use them - we make sure that all the cutting edge technology, unique trading tools and helpful indicators are always at the tip of your fingers.

Range of Markets

At EU Trading Group you can trade much more than currency pairs. Tradinw on CFDs for shares, indices and various commodities opens a new world of gaining opportunities for our traders, and all our CDFs are traded as easily as currencies. This creates a situation where the world is your oyster and you may fulfill your investment plans in each and every aspect of the financial markets in a free and seamless fashion. Enjoy trading on major financial instruments like Gold, NASDAQ, Gas and Coffee without complicated procedures and heavy long-term commitments at EU Trading Group - it is now extremely easy to participate in these markets in a simple and hassle-free way, thanks to the advanced technology used and the developments in the field of finance.

Outstanding Service

At EU Trading Group we truly believe that proper service is just as important as advanced technology and a variety of assets on offer for trading or investment. We provide professional guidance which will help you to map out your own financial goals for the short and long terms; and apply your best skills on a daily or weekly basis to achieve them. Your success is our success and we are committed to our investors for the long run. Whenever needed, personal support and friendly staff are available in order to make EU Trading Group your trading home, making you feel safe and focused on nothing else but profitable trading. 

We understand that high-level service is an inseparable part of the trading and investment endeavor, not only for the sake of effectiveness and success; but no less important the peace of mind which should accompany any investor in the high-paced and sometimes stressful world of finance. We are here to facilitate your financial goals and help you along the way, through professional guidance, strategic assistance, technical support and  any other need which may arise during your investment journey. We are committed to your success and this reflects in everything we say or do while in contact with our investors on a daily/weekly basis.