Read About the Variety of Account Types Offered at EU Trading Group


At EU Trading Group, you will be able to find a vast array of accounts which supply for every need an investor may have. Big, small, short-term, long-term - we have the account type you are looking for. Choosing a correct account type is highly important as it actually outlines your trading gameplan, and is the framework in which all your trading and investing will take place - so - it has to fit. We are experts at creating this perfect match for you, and upon registration we will assist you to find the best route especially for you.

Besides the vast variety of accounts which can be designed and chosen by you, the main distinction to be made is between a Self-Traded Account or a Managed Account.

Self-Traded Accounts

Self-Traded Accounts are designed for those who wish to trade themselves; either seasoned traders or those who wish to learn. Whether learning from scratch or just brushing up on skills, we are at your service to assist you to make the most out of your account with us and apply hands-on strategies in real-market conditions. The self-traded accounts offer the level of involvement from our staff which is fully customizable by you. We can offer scheduled training sessions on a daily/weekly basis, or just catching up from time to time - you decide the format of our involvement.

When it comes to Self-Trading, there are two types of accounts:


If you prefer stable trading in an unchanging environment, with known risks and conditions, the EU Trading Group Classic account is perfect for you. With EU Trading Group Classic account traders can enjoy fixed spreads on all traded instruments at all times, with no additional commissions and no spread widening. This way, you can always be in control of your risks and budget, knowing exactly where you stand at any given moment. The EU Trading Group Classic account offers a variety of 45 trading symbols including currencies, precious metals, energy products, stocks and various shares. Choose your preferable trading instrument and trade easily with our 24/5 trading system, available from your PC and even your smartphone.

Moreover, trades with the Classic Account are processed on the MetaTrader4 platform, allowing you the best speed of execution and the most accurate pricing at all times, multilingual support and services and a wide range of trading tools and features, which will help you improve your trading skills and performance.

Open your Classic account now and enjoy stable spreads with no additional commission charges, for a solid and unchanging trading environment.


At EU Trading Group we offer traders the most advanced trading technology, based on the Straight Through Processing model, through which traders can execute orders directly, without dealing center's intervention. This way, your orders are linked directly to the liquidity pool, allowing anonymity at all times, and the most competitive spreads in the market.

With the ECN account you can trade 24/5 on the popular MetaTrader4 platform, enjoy the highest liquidity available thanks to our connection to the largest liquidity provides, and of course the tightest spreads available at the moment.

EU Trading Group's ECN account requires great efforts and recourses, a commission is charged with each trade opening, depended on the symbol you choose to trade on among a wide variety of more than 160 available trading symbols.

We believe in supplying traders with the best trading conditions available, therefore while trading with EU Trading Group's ECN Account, you can be sure to get the most advanced technology and trading environment suitable for your trading needs.


EU Trading Group's Islamic Account is tailored specifically to the needs of our Muslim traders, and stands in one row with all Sharia limitations and requirements, allowing traders who follow the Islam to enjoy high quality trading at their terms. Our Islamic account is designed in accordance with EU Trading Group Fixed Account's features, and provides Muslim traders with the superior trading environment of unchanging spreads at all times, regardless of market conditions. Moreover, due to Islamic restrictions, our Islamic Account is Swap-Free, meaning no charges are made for overnight trades. In order to optimize trading conditions for our clients, at EU Trading Group Islamic Account, no additional spread widening will occur while trading with this tailored account. Please note that this account is available only for traders who follow the Muslim religion. 

Managed Accounts

When it comes to Managed Accounts, there is a wide range of accounts which can be chosen. These Account Types are under several portfolios being managed at EU Trading Group, and their performance history can be sent to you upon demand. Our Managed Account Program is based on a unique combination between our award-winning algorithm and active trading by our panel experienced full-time traders. Within this program, we also have consistent and solid communication with our clients - should they wish to - and enable them to understand why trade were made and what their status is at all times. Levels of risk, levels of exposure and frequency of trading is fully customizable and "set in stone" once determined by the client, and expectations for profit are fully met, based on the initial session with the portfolio manager who explains and describes what can be achieved and within what timeframe. The Managed Accounts Program offers full liquidity at all times (withdrawal of funds or profit), with no conditions or limitations, except the special quarterly accounts which have different settings.

All info and history of performance can be found in official company documents which we will be glad to send to any prospective client or referrer.